So Many Ways to Tell a Story


We finished the 4 picture stories today which was fun. I also planed more for a meeting I’m going to have with a teacher about my story venture tomorrow during lunch. Along with all of this, I also have started my first days as a techy for my drama director’s one man show of A Christmas Carol. There are so many different ways of storytelling and this has been a great week for observations of that.

One really interesting thing that someone mentioned today that I hadn’t thought about yesterday was how when we did the 4 pictures we weren’t told “the minimum is 4 pictures” or “you must have 4 and only 4 pictures”, but instead we were told “the maximum is 4 pictures”.  This gave us all a different mindset. It wasn’t about doing the bare minimum, it was about striving to do the most because you hold yourself accountable to it. Everyone took way more than 4 pictures, but we only really “needed” 1. I wonder how this mind-shift from “minimum” to “maximum” could be applied in a classroom to encourage students into driving DEEPer into topics.

After the 4 picture stories we went into coVenture mode. Kat, Abigail, Ms. Cureton, and I had this thought about coming back to the idea of redesigning the ID room is that we shared with the team.  An important thing we wanted to keep in mind is that this is a part of the coVenture and can be looked as a step 1/prototype for what we may do on the roof (or wherever). It is a space that we all use and yet all know has many problems within the layout, so we can go through the design process and learn about budgeting and organizing what we will actually need versus what we may just think we need, but whatever happens will only effect us. The containment will be really helpful for if we have some “fail-up” moments this time because we can adapt easier within this room rather than the roof.

We want to make this into a competition to really make sure we move forward, so we have started looking into how to strategically make teams that have people with a good strengths mixture. I’m excited to see how this all starts to play out because everyone I talked to after is with me in the mindset that this time we will have some sort of end product to show for before break. We have gone back and forth between next steps and stepping backwards and I think this time we really have the drive to go for some prototype and just see what happens.

We have gotten really good at brainstorming, but now we need to start moving past that and diving one step DEEPer into this process.

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