College vs. Real World (part 1)


Why does it seem like problems keep coming back to the idea that college stands in the way of “real world” learning?

I talked to my English teacher today about writing and storytelling and specifically about how school is set up to teach writing in the sense of learning objectives. One thing that came up was this hypothetical brainstorm about what if college didn’t exists; how would that change the way we teach writing?

We collaboratively thought that the big objectives like learning how to make a solid argument, writing a narrative where you can creatively express ideas, and also being able to write a more neutral piece that just expresses information would still be really important students to know how to use these skills for “real world” writing. However, the way that these skills are taught would probably be different. Activities could be more authentic and wouldn’t have to be so cut in dry like, “read this book and write an essay on this prompt”; in college you may use this style of writing, but anywhere else you would probably read lots of different kinds of material in order to support an idea or opinion in a more lose structure.

I’ll have more thoughts on this tomorrow after closer examination of ideas of today.


One thought on “College vs. Real World (part 1)

  1. I really like where you are going with this and would like I hear more in part II – what is the ultimate purpose of writing well regardless of genre? The end in mind? Somehow writing for a grade or prepping for the “real world” by writing to prompts makes little sense. The world isn’t a prompt and most college writing is about research.

    Mrs. Moran

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