Excited About Passions

Disney songs to describe the day:

  1. This is Me, We Rock (Camp Rock)
  2. We are One (The Lion King 2)
  3. The Circle of Life (The Lion King) 
  4. Strangers Like Me (Tarzan) 
  5. Go the Distance (Hercules) 

Today was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t think of a single bad thing that happened today, well besides the middle school band messing up in the Frozen medley, but besides that NOTHING!

I had band to start the day. Then our strengths coach came for ID. Then we had a 5 minute Disney dance party and sing-a-long. Then we brainstormed cool ideas for our English allegory project. Then we showed the 5th and 6th grade stave one of A Christmas Carol. Then I prepped for our Genghis Khan trial where I’m the defense attorney. Then Marz came to my house and we talked about the Mongols and I taught her the 2 band pieces she didn’t already know from previous years so she could join us in the concert. Then we actually had the Christmas Arts Showcase and I did 15 minutes of A Christmas Carol and played with the high school and middle school bands.

(And I was super excited and enthusiastic the entire day to the point where teachers were asking what was put in my lunch and just laughed at how much energy I had.)

With so much stuff going on today obviously there was a little stress, but I was able to look past most of it because everything I was doing I genuinely wanted to be doing. My energy came from my passion.

Marz also made a great connection about how I was just as full of energy about this time last year. We tried to figure out why and had a realization: last year at this time I was working on a big history project, creating a theatrical performance for English, and lots of design thinking. This year I am working on 3 things just like that!!!!!!

Part of our task with the strengths coach today in ID was coming up with when we are most alive, and for me, what I said fell under 3 big categories: arts (dance/acro/gymnastics, flute playing, drama), making connections (during really lively focused discussions, finding connections between activities in the past, debating), and big thinking (design thinking) which kind of goes with connections (challenges, brainstorming, discovering something new, making a really neat observation that is mind blowing).

The connection Marz made for me made me realize everything that I was doing today had aspects of what makes me “come alive” in it baed on my list from earlier in the day.

This also made me think about  the questions “you get the best of me when…”, “you get the worst of me when…”, “you can count on me to…”, and “what I need from you is…” In summary, the best of me is when I am in these excited states because I’m really positive and come up with lots of ideas and helpful thoughts. The worst of me is often when I’m stressed about things I’m not passionate about doing or when others around me are stressed because then I’m more easily frustrated and not as helpful or productive. You can count on me to take on tasks, get things done, speak for a group, try my hardest, redirect and focus, be dramatic (weather excited or frustrated), and I will at least try to form a plan and take action. What I need from you is attention and focus, full effort, to give feedback even when not asked, and to include everyone in team work activities.

All of this information connects to the 5 strengths that the Gallop test helped identify for me: learner, individualization,restorative,achiever, responsibility.

Specifically this is how these 5 skills relate to me because not all people with the learner skill (for example) have the same description. These are some key statements about how I demonstrate these strengths individually and as a team (separated by a semi-colin):

learner: learn to achieve more and better results; do not rest until concepts are mastered

individualization: help individuals bring forth their unique contributions; work well with others who think about the future and what could be

restorative: apply skills, knowledge and talents to achieve goals; seek to bring changes that are needed

achiever: challenged by goals and strive to do the best; prepare well to achieve excellence

responsibility: fulfill you commitments; take ownership of the tasks/projects/work you commit to doing

Now the big question was “who are you?” The challenge being to find one statement that you can really own to say, “ya, this is who I am and I’m proud of it”, but without using the idea of roles but focus on the strengths and how you work as a leader best.

I find it interesting that I haven’t heard anyone give a “who I am” statement yet, but I guess I didn’t ask. I think I may understand why though, because it is hard to describe yourself in a statement. At least I find it hard. I’ve said before that humans are complex, and that just makes it hard for me to think it is really possible to find one statement that just is better than all of the others. I tried to come up with one and these were my brainstormed thoughts, the first one is definitely the most elaborate,(others are just fragments of ideas), but I still feel like I could word it better:

I am someone I am a confident and responsible person that is inspired by bugs and challenged by goals to bring about changes that are needed, and I can identify how others can work well together to bring about these changes if they can give me their best self. 

I am someone who is driven by passions to and understating the connections of the world 

I am a leader that understands people and wants to provide them with a way to work well together. 

I am driven by passions to make necessary changes. 

I try my hardest to 

I challenge to myself and others to try their hardest to make necessary changes about what they are passionate about. 

I am a passionate person 


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