Making Decisions


It is hard to make decisions. One of the most important tasks to be diligent in is learning how to systematically make decisions with a large group, yet I feel that it is one of the least discussed while at school. This is evident in ID currently because we are pretty much terrible at making decisions. It takes us about an hour sometimes to just get a general idea of what everyone wants to do. However, we have made a decision (2 infact):

1) We are coVenturing to design our space right now. While we like our iVentures, we all agree that we need to get something done, and by producing something as a group it will hopefully make us more excited to complete some iVentures. We also have noticed that we made school standards for ourselves. We had a set schedule for each day of the week, and the bells defined when we started and stopped talking about one specific topic. We don’t like this mindset and think that it would be better to dedicate all of our time to coVenturing now and then iVenture later. It was one of the first times we made a group decision that everyone really seemed enthusiastic about rather quickly. (And it made Ms. Cureton very proud.)

2) Tomorrow we will start acting on something. We are going to take everything out of the ID room tomorrow (ceiling tiles included) and see what the space looks like just by itself. Then we are also going to bring in lots of card board so that we can start large scale prototyping some of the ideas we have had so we can test out dimensions and get a feel for what the concept of these ideas might be. There was even a moment when Kathleen said, “I know this may be asking a lot, but if you are willing to sacrifice your open period to come in early and start clearing stuff out so when we all officially meet we can jump right into prototyping, that would be really cool.” (Again Ms. Cureton was really proud because she has been trying to suggest this for months and was still waiting for more than a few to be passionate enough to make this realization that we can come in and work even if “school hasn’t started”.)

While we did finally make decisions, I want to again point out that it took us all of our time today to make these two decisions. HMW get better as a team at making these decisions? Will it come with experience? Or do we need to start exploring different techniques? My hypothesis is that it is a mixture of both, and I plan on trying to better observe how different people make decisions and paying close attention to how productive the out comes of the methods are to get some ideas.

(Speaking of decisions, the Mongol trial concludes tomorrow. I have 4 more witnesses and then the closing statements until we find out the verdict. It is going to be hard to wait until the last period tomorrow, but luckily I will have so much fun in ID that it won’t seem like any time at all until after lunch and enrichment!)

2 thoughts on “Making Decisions

  1. Pinya,

    I wonder if you have “run into” the Heath Brothers yet. Dan and Chip Heath have written a number of books, and they are all #MustRead in my opinion. The first was Made to Stick. The second was Switch. And the third was Decisive. In Decisive, they provide the “W.R.A.P.” method of making decisions. It is a powerful model for understanding some of the obstacles to better decision making, and it gives ways to help a group/team create better decisions.

    Mr. A

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