Challenge Weekly #2: Your Room’s Story

I had decided to challenge all of ID about a week ago to start doing a weekly blog post about anything they wanted. Some people already keep up a weekly post like Jackson’s tech weekly, or Kaylyn’s communication weekly, or Kat’s weekly reads, but I wanted to challenge everyone to start getting into the habit. Personally, I decided to start a “challenge weekly” because I realized how much I love challenging others, and I like accomplishing challenges I set for myself. I meant to talk about this last week on my first challenge but I forgot, so here is challenge 2. Have fun!

Innovation Diploma

Last week kicked off my new “Challenge Weekly” post with the challenge:

Illustrate a metaphor that describes you from this past week.

As promised, here is my personal completion of the challenge: Photo on 12-13-14 at 10.57 PM

Now it is a new week, and a new challenge. This weeks challenge is:

Pick an object in your room, and give it a story. 

This could be a story about a picture in which you describe an event that actually took place. It could be about what a stuff animal of yours does while you aren’t at home. It could even be a tale about all of the things your dresser has seen as it has been passed down in your family.

This doesn’t have to be a long story, just a paragraph is fine, but make fun!

The challenge starts now.

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