School Groups


I can’t believe I forgot to blog last night, but after studying with friends, acro, and then more studying for my AP World History exam, time and tiredness just got the best of me.

In the process of all of the madness yesterday I got thinking about the way we form friendships. A lot of times you can meet people in random situation and you become friends with them rather quickly just because you already have that situation in common. From the myriad of camps I’ve gone to over the years, I have discovered that when you find someone with one thing in common with you, you often find many more. It’s weird how people tend to be like that.

This train of thought got me thinking about school friendships, and I feel like they are often different. I would love to say that my high school is different from the stereotype, but I feel like weather they are strong or not, all high schools have some level of “clicks” in them. I guess “click” isn’t even the word I want to use, but more like “groups”.

Typically if you walk into a high school cafeteria you can tell who is friends with who based on where people sit. Sometimes you may even put a label on these people like “jock, nerd, cheerleader, geek, trouble makers…”

Just even this though made me think of an old blog post of mine from the first day of school titled Reputations. This previous post of mine was about how everyone (teachers, and students) gossip, judge, and have bias, and how I don’t know how I feel about the idea of someone defining you before they know you. This thought had been inspired by how so many of my teachers seemed to have preconceived ideas about my grade based on reputations we formed the previous year.

Now I’m just thinking about the way we see each other as students. Even with out putting a label on people, I would say that I consider certain people to be certain people’s friends. While I know these are vague groups and are constantly changing, there is always this unspoken thought about who is friends with whom.

This past year I have felt like my friend group has become somewhat more social with other members of the grade, and it has made me realize that teenagers are teenagers. We are really similar whether we notice it or not. There are people in my grade that I had met before coming to MVPS, and I feel like I talked more with them before I came to the school. I’m not really sure why this happens though.

What is it about school that creates groups of friends putting people who may be friends out side of school into different groups?


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