Creating Time for Meaningful Work


In today’s school world everything is about getting into the best college. A lot of our advice is “take lots of APs and do well in them”. I was watching Crash Course today to show my aunt (who spontaneously decided to stay in Atlanta rather than getting on her connecting flight to New York), and as usual I started thinking.

I was thinking about how many students study for AP exams by just watching a bunch of Crash Course videos on the topic. If students can really learn enough to pass an AP exam in a matter of a few nights of watching videos, why does it take up an entire year to take the course at school? What if students just started watching Crash Course videos and then taking AP exams, but then spent the rest of the time doing stuff bigger than just an AP course?

We need more time. I hear, and say that all of the time. Well maybe the quick solution to “HMW hack school while we still have this normal school going on around us”, is to just gain credits on our own faster to use that extra time on other things; other more meaningful things.

In ID recently we talked about the potential of proving that we are meeting course learning outcomes in order to gain credit, and this idea has just been spinning around in my mind. I like where it is going because I want more time, and I’m prepared to create it myself if necessary.


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