The Break Begins: Car Battles

image1.JPGimage2.JPGToday one of my friends had a Christmas party and it was so much fun! My closest friends and some siblings all were hanging out, talking, eating, playing Just Dance, and also battling with toy cars.

The toy cars were what I found specifically interesting because what we did was take balloons and taped them to the back and then had pins taped to the front. The goal was then to pop the other persons balloon. However there was the added challenge that the remote could control both cars so sometimes one person would be controlling both of them at the same time.

It was fun to build the cars with strategic positioning of pins and then to battle them. Our joke was that it was truly something nerds would do to have fun.

I like how we did this after finals week because it gave us time to get together after all of the stress and just relax a little. It’s important to know when to take a break, and it’s the best when you do it with true friends (that don’t care about how you dance.)


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