The Old and the New


Today was the last performance of A Christmas Carol for 2014 for me, and it was a really fun night/(matinee really). For the past 4 years two of my best friends had been running tech for Mr. Taylor (my director at school/star of the show). However, now they are in college, so it was time for two new people to step up for the position, which is how I became the new lights person.

Today was a cool day because the old techies were back in town for the holidays and spent the afternoon coming to see the show for the first time without being a part of it. They kept coming back to the booth to talk to us before and during intermission though. After the show they said it was weird to watch knowing that they had no control what so ever over the show.

They even helped stay afterwards to clean up everything, then they all came to my house afterwards to play video games and hang out.

It’s always nice to see old friends, and I just have a thing for those moments of growing up where you have the old and the new together. It brings back great memories and dreams for the future (which is especially ironic considering it was A Christmas Carol).

It’s moments like these that remind me how important it is to be involved in things in high school and life in general, because when you look back on those years of your life, it is the experiences you had, the people you had them with, and the memories you made with them that stand out most of all.

And as Tiny Tim observed, “God bless us, everyone!” 

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