Today I did a lot of video making. First I finally took the time to edit a short film that I made in 5th grade for Discovery class. Every group was making videos of our favorite memories from 5th grade and my group decided to do Pi Day as our event; however, Pi Day hadn’t actually happened yet, so we just made up what we thought it might look like for our film “Pi Day the Musical”.

I may have edited the video better then I could have then, but the acting and singing was still really rough, but pretty decent for 5th grade. I figured today would be one of the best chances I had to edit it before Pi-A-Palooza (3/14/15 at 9:26 and 53.5 seconds) where I want to do the big unveiling.

Next I decided to create a video for ID to celebrate everything we did during this very first semester of the cohorts existence. I remember saying I wanted to do something like that a while back, so again, this seemed like as good a day as any to make it happen.

I’m not sure exactly why or how I had this thought, but I realized today that I am much better at following through on things when I’m in a group. In order for me to accomplish tasks, typically I’m more productive if I tell someone else about what I intend on doing so that I feel obligated to get it done.

Even this blog is a perfect example of this, because if I wouldn’t have said in my very first blog post that I intended on blogging for 100 days in a row, I don’t think I would have been as successful. That is also why I decided to continue the challenge when those 100 days were over, because I don’t know if I would still post consistently without making it a challenge that others know about.

The power of obligation is pretty powerful for me at least. That doesn’t mean I only do things because I’m obligated to do and not because I actually enjoy it. I enjoy blogging, and making these videos was really fun, but telling others about it serves as a motivator for me. I wonder how this discovery relates to school, because I have a large hunch that it does.

Why do some people feel more obligated to get things done at school than others? How does what you feel obligated to do connect to what you do when no one is watching? Can you want to do things that you feel obligated to do? I think you can. Furthermore, I think that when you want to do something and you feel obligated to do it, the task doesn’t seem as hard and it actually is fun, meaningful work.

So imagine how much more exciting life could be (or maybe even just start by imagining how much more exciting school would be) if you were only obligated to do work that you wanted to do because it was meaningful?


2 thoughts on “Obligated

  1. What a great post, Anya! I love how you make connections between what you feel is meaningful and your desire to follow through. You are directly responding to the five questions we gave you as guide posts for “should this be a venture I work on?”

    I love the video of iD. What if you share it with other iD members for feedback and make a few edits (there were a couple spelling errors) – then we could use iteration 2.0 as part of recruitment…just a thought! Excellent job creating something meaningful!

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