I had tried to blog last night, but we were driving to Panama City, and then when we got here we couldn’t get the internet to work on my computer last night. So I will share the post I would have liked to post last night now and then I will have another post later tonight. 🙂

Traditionally, you would spend Christmas day at your house playing with presents and preparing for a home cooked dinner. My family went with an untraditional Christmas day. The girls slept in while the boys went wondering around in the car for an hour or two saying hi to friends and getting some things done. Then we woke up and after stockings and breakfast, we opened presents around noon. (I got a lot of Pi stuff in preparation for Pi-A-Palooza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Then it was time to pack up the car to drive to Florida!

My family has started to become more known for our last minute trips, and the decision to go to Florida was no exception. I hadn’t known for sure if I was going until that morning really. It took us a while to get out of the house, but then we only stopped once on the way to Panama City where my grandparents have a condo.

Since we were on the road, we had to have Chinese food for dinner because it is the only thing open on Christmas day to eat. This is definitely not your traditional Christmas day dinner, but it was pretty good until we got home and our stomachs didn’t agree.

Sometimes we need a little bit of “untraditional” in our lives just to mix it up and have an adventure! It can make for some great stories.

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