Wonder Works

What’s the deal with Pluto?

This is the kind of question that comes up at my family dinner after going to a place like Wonder Works. We went to Wonder Works today, and this was one of those interactive places that makes you rethink your definition of a “museum”. IMG_3314

I learned a bunch about weather, natural disasters, sports, ancient mathematicians, and space. And there wasn’t a classroom in sight. In fact, I even took some quizzes


That’s right, I took quizzes over the break. I also did pretty well on these said quizzes without reading a textbook, or watching videos, or having a lecture where I sit taking notes. It made me think once again about why we take tests and quizzes with information we could just look up.

I mean even my 8 year old brother could guess and get a majority of the questions correct. The same goes for those students that don’t bother to read the require reading; if they can still make a decent grade without doing the work they were told to do, what is the point of the work and the questions?

The funny thing is that the quizzes were at the beginning of the museum. In fact it was like the second thing that we did. Then we continued to the rest of the exhibits where we learned further about the questions proposed at the beginning.

What if school was more like one big interactive museum?


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