The Wicked Pit!!!!

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I couldn’t really see the actual show that much, but the first act I was next to the pianist and he had a black and white video of the stage and then I could sometimes see them live if the actors were down stage enough. But I had wanted to go to see the orchestra stuff anyway, so I didn’t mind that much. I could still here most of it and for act 2 I sat next to the flute player so I got to look at her music. (She actually played 5 instruments in the show which was cool to see).

I was pretty much just thrown into the professional music world. Not many people can say that they’ve done that, so I was really lucky to have such an awesome family that was able to connect me to this opportunity.

I was asked a few times if I wanted to be a musician when I get older, and I have no idea. I really don’t. I love playing flute, and I’m thinking about getting a piccolo (which the flute player for Wicked said she would help me with if I wanted, so I now have her phone number!!!!!!!!).

There are just so many things that you could possibly do with your life!!!!!! I wish there were more chances to have experiences like this where you actually get to observe what someone does as there profession. You may argue that we see teachers teach all of the time though, but I mean we don’t really see the behind the scene stuff-the under the stage kind of things.

We don’t take the time to just observe a system and everything that effects it.

(PS. This is most definitely a reference to The Falconer, but I haven’t finished that chapter yet, so that reflection shall wait until further notice.)


2 thoughts on “The Wicked Pit!!!!

  1. OH MY GOSH!! I’m so jealous!! I can’t believe you got to go in the pit!! That would be so cool! Love the post and the pictures! Also, what type of flute do you play? (I am also a flute player and I’ve been shopping for a new flute and I need some opinions before I make a purchase.)

    1. I play a Gemeindhart, but I really don’t know all that much about different kinds of flutes. I use to use a school owned flute, but then I switched schools and didn’t have one for a little. Someone at my new school was then selling one which is how I got this one.

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