Coming to a Conclusion


Without much of a prompt, I realized today that people really need to come to a conclusion on their own.

I’ve noticed that often times when you are told a conclusion that you should think, you kind of naturally don’t want to accept it. However, given some time, you may come to that same conclusion on your own.

I know I feel this way sometimes. When I’m told something like, “this always happens”, my first thought is to question and not really believe that something always happens. Or if I’m told, “this is the best way to do this task”, I want to immediately figure out a different way to do the task because how else am I to know if that is really the best way for me.

I saw Into the Woods for the second time today (once again if you haven’t seen it YOU REALLY SHOULD), because one of my aunts was sick the first time we saw it and my grandma and I agreed that it was totally a movie worth seeing twice. When you revisit something you always catch things that you didn’t the first time. I noticed many things but specifically I was thinking about Cinderella’s big song “On the Steps of the Palace”.

In this song she says “this is my first big decision”, and it just made me think about hard it can be to make decisions. A lot of times you want to ask other people what they think you should do, but in the end you still have to make the choice yourself.

The conclusion, the decision, has to be your own for you to really accept it. Even if you act one way, eventually it will come back around.

You can influence people to think a certain way, but if you flat out say “now this is what you should think” it doesn’t tend to work very well.

In my life this relates to how people view schooling. There are many people that don’t agree with this idea of “hacking school” or “changing schooling” or “21st century education”. From my perspective this doesn’t quite make sense since most of the arguments are saying “this is how it always has been and I don’t want to participate in this before anything is really proven”; however, I can’t just say “you’re wrong” because who ever wants to hear that?

So my question of the day is : How might we gain support for a perspective while allowing people to come to the conclusion you want on their own?


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