A Room of Many Stories


The MVAllstars are getting to work on our next big production, “Welcome to Nightvale”!

We’ve only had 3 rehearsals so far, but I know this one is going to be awesome. The script is an adaptation on a podcast, and we are going to preform it as a projection puppetry show which should be really cool and new!

Today we spent the day completely rearranging our black box by building our next stage. (Whoever says that drama kids don’t do physical stuff is very wrong.) After doing lots of lifting of cinder blocks, risers, wooden trisckets, and some cleaning up, we finally got the majority of our stage build.

It’s so cool how we can just move stuff around to create an entirely different learning environment to discover the art in these words.

Imagine if we could hack classrooms so that they all were like a black box: one room with an infinite amount of ways to organize the materials to create an environment that supports different learning objectives while bringing different stories to life.

Seems kind of magical doesn’t it? A room that has the power to shape a story.

Well life is a story, and school is a part of life, so what is the school story? What should the environment look like to tell that story? How might we create that environment?


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