Learning it Right First


(Steps to doing a round-off; which is in simplest terms a cartwheel where you land with your feet together and have more flight.)

I no longer compete in competitive gymnastics, but I still do acro (this isn’t my best routine because we didn’t get to start training these skills until a week before when I got cleared to do them with my messed up wrist again, but it is the most recent) and I train twice a week even though we can’t compete in Georgia as of now. After I hurt my wrist I had to only do one handed things for about 3 weeks, and it forced me to do a lot of different skills then I’ve been doing as well as easier versions of things.

However, even though I am able to do the advanced skills again, it is very different from before because I have to wear a wrists thing still and my left hand still feels noticeably weaker. (I’m a lefty in gymnastics which also makes this tough, but my right hand is dominant luckily.)

The hardest thing for me to get back is my tumbling. I have to say that it has been frustrating not being able to do what I was able to do before. The biggest problem is that the way I use to do my round-off was apparently not correct; we hypothesize that is got messed up a while ago when I learned how to do a different skill which has a different hurdle, and that then messed up all of my other tumbling because I learned so many new things at once.

I use to be powerful enough and have good enough form where I could do the beginning of the skill wrong and still have really strong tumbling. Now that my wrist isn’t what it use to be, it doesn’t work for me to do skills that same way though, so I’m finally being retaught the basics.

This is why it is so important to learn skills the correct way from a young age because it is a lot easier to fix mistakes when you are learning something at first rather than to go back years later and try to break a bad habit that has become muscle memory.

If we could teach life skills at a younger age, would students grow up more prepared for life?

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