I’m at a huge gymnastics meet in Tennessee right now. We just got here today, but we had dinner with the team and then went to watch some of the college level meet.

I love watching our younger girls as they watch the higher level gymnasts. They have faces of pure aw and admiration. Faces that say, “I want to do that some day.” I think it really motivates them especially before a big competition.

Gymnastics is a really difficult sport, and the kids are always so young when they start; We have 2 twelve year olds, 1 eleven year old, 3 nine year olds, and 1 six year old with us right now. I have never met a gymnast that isn’t mature for their age, because you just have to be if you really are committed to the sport.

Every few days I’ll here the girls talking about potentially quitting because they don’t think they are good enough, or they just want to do other things now that they are older, or they just don’t want to do the work anymore because it is hard. But when those same girls see others competing it sparks a little fire in their heart and they remember why they do the sport at all: because they love it.

Seeing someone more advanced than you doing something you love is always motivating in my experience, and I think it is important for kids to get those opportunities.


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