The Gymnast Life


Today I was at the gymnastics meet all day. It was long and I’m tired now.

But our girls did great!!! It is amazing what these little girls are capable of. They do things that even blow my mind and I’m around gymnastics stuff all of the time.

The girls are also their own biggest critics though. They can be really hard on themselves which is sad. One girl is only 9 but she is the most advanced girl on the team. She got a 9.825 on the balance beam (out of 10 total) and yet she came in 2nd in her age group. That was an amazing score, but it’s difficult when they don’t come in first, but it makes them work even harder to better themselves.

A little friendly competition can push kids to do great things as long as they remember that the important thing is to go out there and have fun and do their best.

In gymnastics not scoring high means no medal in most situations. Then they work harder to do better next time, but the routines remain the same each meet for the most part. The cool thing is that at the higher levels, they get to choose to do things that they feel most comfortable at preforming them the best.

Sometimes I wish that school was more like gymnastics. It’s about personal goals and then the extra little competition. You get to choose what you want to get judged and it doesn’t have to be the same skills as everyone else. Then you keep preforming those skills with the occasional change if you want, so that by the end of the season you should be super comfortable and confident with those skills. Plus you don’t even start the completions until after a few months of just practice and trying to get new more advanced skills.

My entire family has been involved in gymnastics since before I was even born, so it’s a big part of my life. The more I learn about the sport the more I think of school and life as connecting to the great, tough world of gymnastics.

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