Boys and Girls


(These are just some random boys doing gymnastics. I don’t have a picture of my brother competing right now, so I found a picture online of boys doing gymnastics. Just wanted to clarify that.)

My brother, Cadyn, had his first ever gymnastics competition today. He did pretty well considering that he had only gone on the real equipment once before hand (our gym doesn’t have all of the boys events right now).

Boys gymnastics is really different from girls because there are bonuses which messes with scores plus there are 6 events instead of 4 and it isn’t even just adding 2 events; they are almost all different. So I had very little of an idea about how good or bad things were that we were watching.

It was weird for me because I know quite a bit about girls gymnastics so I usually am explaining to other parents what is happening and why they get certain scores. In boys I’m just as lost though.

Even during awards there was a difference with how the boys acted versus the girls. The boys would always be super jumpy and would run up to the podium and do a little dance sometimes when they placed well. The girls typically stay serious still and we have to remind them to smile half of the time.

Boys and girls are very different. This is why they have different events, because they aren’t expected to do the same as girls and girls aren’t expected to do the same as boys. Even for the skills they both do, they are taught differently because they learn differently.

I wonder if school is too neutralized for boys and girls. And I’m not saying we should have all separated classes and schools for boys and girls (personally I would hate that because I don’t tend to relate well with all teenage girls and the guys I’m friends with help keep me from being stressed all of the time). However, I wonder if there is something schools should be doing to be more specific to boys versus girls (or visa versa) at times.

I’m no psychologist so I don’t know how much being a boy or girl really applies to schooling. But I know I’ve heard vaguely about studies on it and this new type of gymnastics reminded me of the idea.

HMW make sure we teach in such a way that is best for girls and boys, since they are quite different?


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