Eggs in a Basket


(Reading back over this post on my thoughts from today, these all seem like somewhat disconnected thoughts, but for some reason they flowed together in my mind. There is a connection somewhere I think, but I just haven’t quite found it, so I apologies for the seemingly un-concluded writing.)

I want to make my own path. The actually making is the hard part.

I always jump at opportunities. And there use to not be many opportunities so that was never a problem. This past year has opened up a myriad of opportunities for me, and because I always am intrigued and curious about them all, I don’t know if I’m really placing my time in the best places all of the time. I don’t know how to learn how to get better at that either.

I struggle with defining goals, which is ironic because I have been told numerous times that I am a very goal oriented person. I will find something I’m interested in and I will work on it until it is complete, but I don’t think of it as a goal. Something about that word just seems so distant, like something that takes a ton of time to achieve, and I don’t know what that big goal is for me which makes it difficult to call little things goals I guess.

I was working on my essay for English/History today, but the problem is that I don’t really have a defined topic in my opinion.  I’m doing a discourse analysis and I think I want to do it about how educators define success in Finland versus somewhere (America or Japan is what I’m thinking now). I realized that when I write for this blog or when I do stuff for ID, I do research, but it feels different.

When I do research on my own it is typically because I read/see/hear something and it makes me curious about something else so I ask questions that I continue to look into. Then I write about whatever it is that I discovered during that process.

At school when I do research, the style of writing is already decided then I have to work backwards by creating a question then doing research.

I think this is why I struggle with school researching; it feels backwards. What if choosing the style of writing happened after the information is discovered so that it can best be represented?

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