My Hat Story

Photo on 1-22-15 at 11.26 PM

Since 6th grade I’ve had this little tradition with my fuzzy hat. Once it gets decently chilly outside in the morning, I start wearing my hat to school and I do this every day until the school year is over. This started on accident just because it was cold outside, but then I grew accustom to the hat and people even started to recognize me as “the girl with the hat”.

When it stopped being cold outside, I continued to wear the hat. Little 6th grader Anya didn’t have a particular reason for wearing the hat, but she kept on wearing it anyway.

A year passes and Anya discovers why she wears the hat all year long; not because it is cold, but because it shows just a tad bit of defiance and individuality.

We have a uniform at school, and I have never been a fan of that. First off, people work best when they are comfortable, otherwise their brains are trying to multitask between trying to get comfortable and also working on whatever they are doing. Multitasking is impossible though because you can’t use more than 100% of your brain at once, so your attention will always be split if you are trying to do more than one thing at a time. I’m not comfortable in my uniform most of the time.

Second off, people say private school kids will make a big deal over who can afford to wear what clothes, well guess what, in the “real world” people wear whatever they like and you shouldn’t care about comparing yourself to them; what if kids were taught this early on at school so that it wasn’t a problem?

Thirdly, picking out your clothes in the morning should not be that big of a deal; why not just do it the night before? How do you survive weekends without uniform? Well, you do don’t you? I know lots of people care more about what they wear than I do, but to me, what to wear to school seems like a trivial problem seeing how there are people around the world that can barely  afford clothing at all.

Anyway, that was a tangent. Back to the hat.

In the morning, before school starts, we can wear whatever. My hat is exactly that–mine. Just mine. No one else wears that hat to school everyday because that is my hat. It makes me different and shows that even in situations where people are trying to keep us unbiased and alike, I am still and always will be different from everyone else. It is what makes us different that makes us special, if we are brave enough to own it.

I want to make my own path in life, and I don’t care about what others may negatively think of it. I haven’t cared in the past, but for some reason I have kept thinking about it lately, specifically when thinking about courses for next year. It is a natural thing to feel influenced by what others may think you may say, but it isn’t me.

I want to be me.

I got a nice and needed reminder of who I am today, and I really appreciated it. Thanks Ms. Tumbleson.


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