Curriculum Night

Not Class, Start-up

Today was curriculum night for the rising 9th and 10th graders (even though it is more for the parents if anything). While I will be in 11th grade next year (I honestly can not believe that, but I guess it is true), I was there tonight to help talk about ID.

To start the presentation Ms. Cureton would tell everyone, “I’m sure this is the only presentation lead and co-designed by students, and that is purposeful.”

ID really values student voice and is run by student passions, so it only seems appropriate that we should be the ones to tell prospective parents about this awesome program that their kids could apply for next year.

I was actually impressed that we were able to do the entire presentation in 10 minutes because there is so much we could say, and we (me in particular) are not always the best at getting to the point concisely. This was the slide deck we choose for the event and we focused on how ID provides opportunity, flexibility, and relationships for students along with how we have our different types of ventures, then of course a few logistics at the end.

While we got some interesting questions like, “Does the school know about this?” (Yes seriously that was asked), we also got some good questions like “What is your definition of a cohort?”, and some general other feedback that seemed to express interest which is exciting! #cohort2iscoming

I think Kat, Megan, Ms.C and I did a pretty good job with sharing our story tonight, (especially since we only met to talk about the slide deck and who would say what for about 30 minutes before hand). I can’t wait for Saturday when we have an open house with another opportunity for sharing our story because at this one we are going to try and have a “live classroom” type of thing going on where we will actually get some progress on our studio!!!!!

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