Turn Up Side Down


This could possibly be one of my random posts ever, if not in a long while at least.

I just finished cutting my nails, and I have to cut them fairly often because otherwise I would scratch my partners when I catch them for acro.

However, this time I was accidentally holding the nail clipper the other way. Yet, even though it was “upside down” potentially, it was surprisingly easy to cut my nails and they seemed more curved than they usually are (which is how I even noticed I was holding it the other way).

It worked so well that I’m now questioning which way is even the right way to hold the nail clipper. Sure there was an intended way to hold it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that is the most efficient way to get the task done.

While it could have been completely coincidental, turning it upside down actually made it easier for me to accomplish the task of cutting my nails, which in this case makes it more efficient.

Earlier this morning, I had the song “Turn it Around” from The Cotton Patch Gospel (MVPS’ spring musical) stuck in my head because the chorus, in my opinion, is really catchy. The fact that this nail clipper incident happened reminded me of it again,

Turn it around, turn it around,
Surprise ’em a little, start shiftin’ the ground,
To get right side-up, turn upside down
Now is the time to turn it around!

Then to add to the amount of times I’ve talked/heard about being upside down today, I was at a gymnastics meet for a good portion of today, which is all about being upside down on purpose.

Turning things upside down, getting a new perspective and shifting mindsets, can sometimes lead to a better end.


4 thoughts on “Turn Up Side Down

  1. Anya, can you hear me applauding from Florida? I am so enjoying following your blog, your mind, your life. Your curiosity and your hunger for learning inspire me! You sound almost apologetic at the beginning of this post, and yet what you describe in your adventures in nail-clipping is the process by which so many exciting new ideas are discovered; the fact that you made connections across ideas as seemingly unrelated as nail-clipping and gymnastics and your school musical is a testament to your powerful and important thinking. My brother, who is a science teacher, once told me that the most exciting words in scientific discovery are not “Eureka!” or “I did it!” but “Hmmm….that’s weird. I wonder…” It’s when we notice something that didn’t quite go according to plan and surprised us, and then follow through on that surprise, that we lead ourselves to true discovery. Keep thinking the big thoughts! You have a fan in Florida. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I love that phrase your brother said; it just makes so much sense! You wouldn’t be able to say “Eureka!” or “I did it!” if you never said “Hmmmm…that’s weird. I wonder…” first.
      The funny thing is that reading back over my own post, I think I sound apologetic because I really was deeply confused with the nail clipper at the time. I had to look up some pictures and text my friends because I wasn’t sure if I just somehow had learned to hold a nail clipper the opposite way of everyone else and didn’t notice for my entire life, or if that really was the “upside down” way. 🙂

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