Letting Go


One of my kryptonite is that I have a hard time getting rid of old ideas. Most ideas sound good to me, and I want to complete them (which is also why I have such a big problem with focusing on one thing to do).

So in typical πnya fashion, I have decided to continue work on my iVenture while I do the coVenture. (I mean the whole point of an iVenture is that you really want to work on something, and I really want to work on student voice being a more integral part of 21st century education.)

Today I was really proud of myself because I finally looked back at my passion board, which hasn’t changed since the beginning of last fall, and I cleared it almost entirely!!!!! I am ready to start a new and try to move forward with my venture!

I’m currently at a bit of a cross road though so I’m going to with hold further information on my thoughts until my internal next Wednesday. 🙂

It can be hard to admit that some ideas just have to be let go because they are no longer relevant, but it also just has to be done sometimes.


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