Connecting with Technology


Today I participated in a conference on technology hosted by MVPS called AATE (I really can’t remember what it stands for though).

Kat, Abigail, and I were the panel that represented ID at this conference  for the second half of the day. We talked about ID in general a little because the people at this conference (as like often times we talk to community members because we are still so new), don’t know a lot about ID. We also shared specifically how we use technology in ID.

Some key points we talked about were the ideas that technology according to webster is: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. This says nothing about technology having to be a device. We consider our design thinking prototype cart to be just as much of a technology as we do our phones. We also define systems as technology. MVPS’ DEEP process (Discover, empathize, experiment, produce) which we help lead others through as well as go through the process ourselves, is definitely the application of scientific knowledge just like the scientific process.

Kat also had a particularly MoVeing moment during the second panel (rather than TED Talks, our school has coined the idea of “MoVe talks” which stands for “moments of visible empathy). This wasn’t her exact wording from the panel, but it was her notes before hand which mentions the big idea, “To me, 21st century education is about finding the balance between technology and human connections. By this point in time, while we are still creating new pieces of technology all the time, the initial shock of being able to create these things has worn off. Now is the time to make connections with each other through the technology and use it to meet and help other people rather than disappear into it.” 

Ms. Cureton was almost in tears. (Well done Kat!)

After the panel (which went really well, the educators seemed genuinely impressed and intrigued with our stories and the presentation of them, so great job to all of the panel team!), I had realized that I should have read over a post of mine from last year that was all about technology. In fact, “The Side of Technology that School Ignores” was actually my most read post of 2014, and I think it still does an accurate job at describing how I feel ID uses technology differently then the rest of the school.

Networking is so important!!!!!!!! This post was written back in November, and I have only used technology more and more since then. Between blogging, Tweeting, and Google Hangouting, technology has become a key component to how I share my story and connect with others like-minded.

I wonder how technology will evolve in schooling through the remainder of 2015.


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