Today I was a judge for a gym stars gymnastics competition, which was a first. Gym stars is like a gymnastics meet for rec girls, so the scores aren’t really important which is why I was a judge along with other coaches.

However, awards didn’t run so smoothly.

They weren’t prepared ahead of time and it caused a lot of problems today with timing.

I was reminded today of The Falconer lesson about systems. Lots of factors play into how a system operates, and if something doesn’t run very smoothly, it may be a good idea to change the system you are using.

Since awards didn’t go well today, we decided to change how we keep track of scores and age groups so tomorrow we will be better prepared.

It took a little extra time tonight to get everything refigured out with our new system, but good things take some work and some failing. (However, in this case it would have been nice to fail before the actual day of. This is why we prototype!)

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