When WIFI Fails


The internet was down at school all day today.

I must admit, while it was slightly annoying to not have the internet access, I have been curious for a while what would happen if no one could go online for an entire school day. It seems we rely so heavily on internet now a days.

My hypothesis was always “if the internet connection isn’t working, school won’t function quite right.”

My prediction was fairly accurate.

Several students said they did hardly anything today because all of the teachers lessons involved the internet. However, we barely were able to manage. Some of my classes were a little less productive then others. In some of my classes my teachers just found a way to not use the internet that day even thought the lesson would have been more beneficial with it.

The struggle was most obvious to me during ID when we wanted to make progress researching product prices for our coVenture but we couldn’t connect. It was also really weird not checking emails all day until around 6 because most of my communication is through emailing. I don’t think I’ve ever gone a full school day without opening my computer in a long time.

I just find it a little funny how reliant we are on the internet at school. Some kids were literally freaking out because they couldn’t get onto the internet. It’s honestly hard for me to imagine not having internet just because I’ve become so use to having it.

This just made me keeping thinking about what Kat said the other day, “To me, 21st century education is about finding the balance between technology and human connections. By this point in time, while we are still creating new pieces of technology all the time, the initial shock of being able to create these things has worn off. Now is the time to make connections with each other through the technology and use it to meet and help other people rather than disappear into it.” 

HMW accomplish this great task?

It seems like during school we are always cooped up in our classrooms, so I guess the internet is the way to get beyond the classroom. Well what if we just physically all stepped outside of the classroom and connected with other people? What if everyday your class worked with different class happening during that same period? I imagine there would be a little chaos at first from a little too much excitement, but I think it would be fun and help find great connections.

What if we took it a step further and worked with a class in a different building (high school, middle school, lower school)? What if we went even further and worked with a class at a different school? What if we worked with a class in a different state?

We use technology a lot, and when it is absent we don’t know what to do. That seems to be a problem; HMW fix it?


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