Student Voice iVenture Revival


(I looked up a picture and found this which I really liked. So I actually went to the website it is from, and it looks interesting and will hopefully get the opportunity to look into it more in the future.)

While I’m working on the iSpace coVenture, I am also still working on my iVenture with student voice.

The whole point of an iVenture is that you want to be working on it in your free time, so why stop just because I’m working with this group too?

The revival of my iVenture happened two weekends ago actually, when I was talking to some other students about prefect positions after the open house. In the past I’ve talked to multiple different people about how we should have an “Innovation Prefect” at MVPS. To me it just kind of feels like it makes sense to have a go to student and committee that can offer input on the innovation of education at MVPS. So I finally started to flesh out this idea a little more.

I wrote a draft of an email that weekend. Then I sent it to a few teachers for feedback. Then I had a meeting with one of those teachers to further the feedback. Then I set up an internal and made a quick slide deck. Then today I had that internal and got some more feedback from the cohort.

The truth is I don’t know what path to take. Do I pursue “HMW make this a position?” or “HMW do what ever it is that this prefect would do?” (I hope that makes sense.)

I think right now I’m actually thinking of focusing on the first question because that is where I started and I would like to take that a little further. Sometimes the best way to change a system is to get involved in it.

I think my next steps have multiple folds that I’m trying to figure out chronologically still, and I’m not there quite yet but this is some of what I’m thinking:

  • interview prefect members for what they do and what their “job description” looks like
    • potentially ask about observing a meeting
  • interview committee members to see how they participate
  • interview teachers for times they would like to get student voice involved
  • create Innovation Prefect “resumé” as in “what have I already done that could fit this role description?”
  • create detailed job description
  • talk to Ms. Parker about my ideas (obviously getting feedback along the way from others)
  • re-think, re-iterate

I also am curious how Mr. Adams’ (aka. Boa) question about why we use a prefect system rather than a more democratic system, will play through my venture. The question intrigues me and I see it being an overlying thought I think about through the process.


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