When Applying for ID

Today we had a challenge day with the applicants for next years Innovation Diploma cohort, and it was so much fun! I’m really excited for what the future holds with these new students that will embark on this journey with us, and that’s after only just meeting most of them and seeing a few videos people did for their application.

In the spirit of the new applications to ID, I just found this kind of interesting.

I was looking through past emails and discovered some from last year with my thoughts on appling for ID, (and my actual application) so I thought I would share them  because, like I said, I found it interesting where I was back then when I was somewhat in their shoes. One of the students actually asked us what we thought when we were applying and we all stared at each other with faces of “I have no idea”. Being the inaugural cohort for something never done before anywhere near us at least, we didn’t know what to expect. We all joined purely because we were curious about the idea of “hacking school” and what the possibilities for ID could be.
I wanted to dive DEEPer into “what was I thinking back then” so I looked up some of these old emails.
Email 1
This first email was sent to JamCam when I asked for him to write a recommendation letter for me and then sent him the first picture of “how I describe innovation”. (The one I put in the application was actually the iterated version after talking to JamCam and deciding that the background needed to be solid, so I had my parents hold up my white blanket behind it.) There had been multiple emails sent back and forth (as usual), but this is the one that related to my take on ID at the time.

Inline image 1

(JamCam asked first: What are other students saying about ID?)
At first others definitely were not enthusiastic about it, but mainly because of the cost and they didn’t think it was worth it. However, after Mrs. Chesser talked about it during class today, (most) everyone said that they were interested, but again the cost was what was keeping them from applying. So I think Mrs. Chesser convinced at least a few of them to apply anyway and worry about that later, and to just talk to Ms. Cureton about it. I think, like me, most students that would be considered good candidates love the idea of design thinking and getting to follow and discover your passions but are worried about how it will be carried out which makes us hesitant. Some students were very hesitant about join the first year because they are worried about all of the classic school kinks that always happen. (The “empathy phase” for TDed, the bagillion schedules already, the unclarity of a 7th unknown period, how it will fit into everything else students have to do rather than want to do.) I also have a feeling that most applicants will be freshman because they are the ones that didn’t experience TDed the first year and don’t feel forced into design thinking quite as much as upper classmen. I’m sad to say that the school seems to be causing students to actually not like design thinking because they aren’t passionate about what they are designing, so it seems like busy work again. Luckily there are some students that are still curious. I know that Jacob is making an application, and I believe Kat is, others are definitely considering more now, but I feel like there are still so many unknowns. Teachers are even saying different things at this point which is just making it sound like too much to deal with on top of dumb school stuff. Plus the school already has an idea of who they want to join it, so why not have it more like COI where you’re recommended by teachers and you can accept or deny  the offer to join after doing some workshop at school some day? 
Now I’m ranting and I don’t know where I’m going with this, so I’m going to stop. Thanks again though! 
Email 2
This second email was sent to numerous people, and also was about my application process.

This is really fatardo, but just go with it please. 

I’m still debating on the whole innovation diploma thing  but I figured I might as well make the application and figure it out later. (I don’t need any of you to rant about that right now, so How Might We not? And those of you that don’t know what it is, in its simplest form, it something that Mount Vernon is trying out next year as a class for innovation , and you have to apply for it. (It is also a complete paradox, but that is besides the point.) 
Part of filling it out is to answer the question,  “Who are you — especially relative to wanting to grow as an innovator? Why do you want to pursue the Innovation Diploma? What excites you about the potential?!” (they need an interrobang) Considering the fact that they want you to respond in an “innovative way” to everything, I thought I would try something and see what happens. The thought isn’t finalized (as usual), but currently I’m thinking about making a collage of some sort that helps show who I am as far as innovation goes. On this collage I will incorporate some of my favorite Albert Einstein quotes as well as some pictures and a few other things. (I will probably also end up making a video of some sort to describe it, but like I said the thought isn’t finalized.)
Now for why this has anything to do with you. I would really appreciate it if you could email me back with words that you would use to describe me, and if there has ever been anything that I’ve said that you found to be impactful, that would be great also. If you can, I would love it if you could email me back by next week (Monday, March 17) because the application has to be submitted by the Friday (March 21) and I will still need to put everything together (so the earlier the better really).
It’s funny, because I was actually fairly uncertain about joining for a while. However, once I started the application process, I was hooked and instantaneously knew I wanted to be a part of this team.
The other email that I did not include was one that had to be sent by one of my best friends for me. Last March, the day before the applications were due, I was seeing Divergent and my friends car was broken into. My entire school bag and soccer bag were stolen, and besides the other really important things that were in there, my application was stolen and not all of it could just be retyped because it was physical stuff.
After the initial shock and disbelief I texted my friends (luckily I had my phone on me) asking if one of them could email Ms. Cureton to ask if I could get an extension on time because of this unfortunate situation. (Luckily she said that would be fine.)
Looking back on ID now, I think it has become everything I dreamed and more, and I love how I’m continuing to explore the “and more” part of that. 🙂

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