Space Team


First I would just like to take a moment to point out that I had been super excited about today all week because IT WAS BAND DAY!!! Our concert is next week, so today I mixed up my schedule so that I could go to an upper school band class to practice with them. I love playing with the middle schoolers, but it’s always more fun playing with my peers at a more advanced level.

Besides getting to go to band today, which was so much fun, we also had our first flight crew meeting for #FUSE15 which is an annual design thinking conference hosted by @MVIFI over the summer. This is the first year that they are having students helping to be some of the coaches which I’m really excited about!

We went to the lunch meeting today and it was great to finally see the entire team together (well a few people couldn’t make the meeting, but most everyone)! We got to get our own tool box full of DT gear finally which was also awesome (the usual: sticky notes, legos, sharpies, clips, stickers, lanyards).

Then we assembled into our squads, and figured out our mission code names. I’m in the white squad and we are working out a cool team name, and my code name is 00π.

Today was more general, get to meet the team and get a brief overview of what we will be working on in the future as far as opportunities for training.

I’m really excited to be on board for this mission, and I can’t wait to see how this helps shift the mind set about what school is versus what it can be, especially with the role of students designing their own school experience.

There is this game that really brought some of my now best friends together back in 8th grade called SpaceTeam. It’s a really fun app that you play with multiple people, and your goal is to pilot a space ship, the catch being that you all have a random control panel and have to keep shouting out instructions for someone else to follow. To start the game there is a little story sequence and it ends with a quote that I want to keep in mind through out this mission, “And remember to work together as a space team.”

This is a team effort, and from the words of High School Musical “We’re all in this together!” We have launched, now it’s time to keep up the training!


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