History Stories


Today was a little weird for me because I actually stayed at home all day for the first time in forever, and I didn’t do any homework either! (Since the start of second semester there has been a gymnastics meet every weekend except the crazy one with my party and Girl Scouts where I was up until 4am.)

The main reason I didn’t do homework was because I was having to go through my room and clean and get rid of stuff, because every now and then you just have to do that. While I was cleaning though, I watched 3 American Girl Doll movies (of all things).

I started with watching Samantha because we are studying the industrial revolution in history and it reminded me of how I liked that movie but haven’t seen it in a while. (My first American Girl doll was Nellie who is Samantha’s best friend that is also the next door neighbors maid, and later an orphan and factory worker.)  That movie is actually amazing! It is so sad and happy at the same time, and it was over all such a good story. Then I wanted to watch another, so I watched Felicity which I had never seen before.

The Felicity movie was set during the revolutionary war, and I was mind blown because Shaliene Woodly plays Felicity! If you were ever wondering what she did before Divergent and The Fault in our Stars, well now you know; she was the lead in an American Girl movie. Crazy!!!!! And she was still a phenomenal actress 10 years ago when she played this role at age 14.

This plot line was also very moving because it was about Felicity learning about herself and wether she wanted to be a patriot or a loyalist, but realizing that no matter what side you were on, it is important to always stand up for justice and be kind to all others.

After this I was hooked on American Girl Doll movies, so I decided to watch another. I had never heard of Chrissa, but it was the first movie I found after these 2 so I decided “why not?” If you have ever seen Mean Girls (if you haven’t you should), then imagine that but in the 4th grade and you know the plot line for this movie.

It is about 3 “queen bees” that are in actuality awful bullies, and in my opinion it depicts a typical child’s reaction to bullies pretty well. Getting upset, not wanting to go to school, afraid to be a “tattle tail”, etc.

All three of these movies were just really motivating for some reason. Part of me wishes there was some way to have all girls watch these movies growing up, because they have good messages and describe American history too. I wish our history courses were all told like American Girl stories where they actually told a story of someone living in that time period and describing what struggles they would have to face.

Today I learned Samantha’s struggles about the awful working conditions in factories and orphanages and the serious threat of influenza in the 1900s. I learned about the relationship between patriots and loyalist, and what was expected of a woman, such as 10 year old Felicity, in the 1700s. And then I journeyed to modern day around 2009, where Chrissa learned about handling bullies and the homeless due to a friend of hers having money problems.

You can learn a lot from stories.

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