Story Boarding


I made some great progress on the coVenture today! I finally took the time to make a google doc and write a detailed story line for our pitch of the iStudio (we decided to go with a name change because iStudio represents us better than iSpace).

While I was writing it actually made me feel like we have decided much more than I previously thought. It made me realize how important it is to story board your ideas; you need to get everything out and look at it together to see what areas you need to work on most.

I also made the decision to really make this pitch feel like a story. So it is outlined as if you were walking into the space and I help describe everything you would see. I don’t know exactly if it will play off, but sometimes you have to just make big decisions, try them, and see if it works.

The google invite has also finally been made official, so our practice pitch internal will be happening Thursday, and I hope and believe we will be ready for it. During this time the goal is for us to give our pitch for the iStudio as if we were talking to Dr. Jackobson (our head of school), this way we can get feedback before the pitch itself.

Writing out the pitch also made me really excited to see the space fully transformed. Learning demands flexible and interactive spaces, and our goal is to make that space the reality.


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