Things are Looking Up


I really love the feeling of progress, but who doesn’t?

Today we didn’t have school; however, I was there from 12:30-5:30 working on our play and we finally have all of act one finished and did one run through of it. It’s still a little worrisome that the show is next week, but this is huge progress for us because now we only have the very end of the show to finish before getting some full run throughs in with our live band.

I also worked on the flute today because the band concert is tomorrow! #hackingschoolagain Tomorrow I will have one last practice with the middle schoolers because I haven’t worked with them in a few weeks, and tomorrow will be at the lower school where the concert will actually be. (Who says you have to be in a band class to play a musical instrument and preform? Not I.)

We also have our practice pitch internal tomorrow for the #iStudio! (Tomorrow is so busy.) Tonight I was communicating with everyone to make sure those last things we getting complete, and everyone seemed to be doing a great job from what I know. It really feels like things are starting to come together. We had some times where everything felt like a mess and was falling apart, but you have to work through those moments for things to start looking positive again.

I know tomorrow’s pitch will be rough, but that’s why we practice and get feedback; your first attempt is never your best. And thinking of all of the times we have done a presentation about our room design (including all of the ones from the design sprint as well), I think this one is going to be another good improvement. We have a full fleshed sketchup, physical prototype, spreadsheet, slide deck, and handouts so the group can follow along and have a take away! (That’s right Boa and Ms. C, we made handouts too that I don’t know if you even knew about.)

Overall, I’m excited and a tad nervous for tomorrow and the next upcoming days. (Plus I have a Kemps game coming up!)


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