Character, Service and Leadership


Well we officially do not have school tomorrow, and I think I’m one of the only people truly upset about not having school tomorrow. I was suppose to have a math competition, our iStudio pitch to Dr. Jacobson, and opening night for Welcome to Nightvale. (We already had to move up the time of our preview tonight, so quite a few people missed the show, and now we won’t get our opening tomorrow and don’t know what the new plan is exactly.)

However, I’m excited to have the extra time to sleep and get work done.

Today, since we didn’t need to be concerned with homework for tomorrow, some of my friends and I had a google hangout and played WarLight and Wiki Wars which was really fun. High school just continues to get more and more stressful, so it’s nice to get a moment to relax and regroup every now and then.

Another exciting thing that happened today was I got accepted into the National Honors Society! This was really competitive this year especially, because as I’ve mentioned, my grade is competitive. There were something like 44 current juniors and sophomores that were eligible for this society, but there were only 13 spots available.

I feel pretty awesome and honored to be one of the 13 accepted. It is one thing to make good grades.  It is another thing when people recognize you for your character, service and leadership.

I also want to acknowledge how much I feel like ID has supported my leadership side of this especially. I’d consider myself to have been a leader before ID even was a thought, but when writing the application on the leadership portion, so many thoughts came to mind that were opportunities from being in the ID cohort that it was hard to pick specifics to talk about.

This was actually my specific writing portion for the leadership section (responding to: Please list your top 5 areas of leadership.)

I am very confident with describing myself as a leader. I am a part of the inaugural Innovation Diploma cohort and I find myself being in a leadership role consistently through our work on challenges.
Some of my favorite moments include being a facilitator while working with the CDC on real issues they were working on, and also being a leading facilitator for Mount Vernon’s 2014 Council on Innovation. I shall be a facilitator once again this summer at FUSE15, helping to lead educators from around the nation in design thinking challenges.
I am have also, currently the president of Kemps Khaos club which I founded this year as an official club, but I also organized this tournament last year in which students are partnered with faculty members to try and win an awesome card game tournament. We currently have over 50 members in this club consisting of students, teachers, and faculty members from all divisions of the high school.
I’m also a dedicated actress, soccer player, and gymnast, and now that I’m finally 16 I am finally old enough to be an official USA Gymnastics coach for competitions. I have taken all of the courses I needed to, and have already coached at multiple gymnastics competitions this winter. I specifically have helped a lot with some of the younger girls by creating their floor music, choreographing their routines, and teaching them to the gymnasts, so it is really inspiring to now get to be on the floor with them during competition.

I’m really happy about being accepted and can’t wait to start getting involved. (I’m also nervous for the weather messing a bunch with our schedule for the rest of this week, especially with us leaving for San Francisco Saturday.)

(If you are just curious, this was the rest of my application):


I have been a Girl Scout since 3rd grade and have done many service activities through my troop which is still together even though we all go to different schools now. Some highlights from Girl Scouts for me personally was when we got our Bronze Award by volunteering at Noah’s Ark (a refugee for children and animals) by cleaning up the site and creating donation boxes to bring to the organization. We also have worked with cancer awareness opportunities many times and have helped set up for the breast cancer awareness run and I am going to be volunteering during the annual Pink Affair later this year.
I have also served many honors over the holidays in the past. One year I helped donate, rap, and deliver Christmas presents to local areas around Atlanta with a group of about 20 others (this wasn’t through any big organization). I have also served around Thanksgiving time doing similar activities, but with food donations run through Chamblee Methodist Church.
I also serve at MVPS frequently. This past year I spent over 20 hours working with Mr. Taylor on his one man production of “A Christmas Carol”. I ran the sound for his show at MVPS and two other off site locations as well as extra rehearsal outside of school drama times. While not officially on the Ambassador Prefect committee, I have also volunteered to help at almost all of the past Curriculum Nights and Open Houses at MVPS in the past 2 years that I’ve been a high schooler. Teachers have often asked me to help give presentations to help share the story of what MVPS is doing at school to the out side community, and I alway am happy to help whenever I can.


(I thought it would be more meaningful to get direct quotes from some of my friends, so these are all quotes from various people that I value the opinions of very highly. Some of these are from more recently, and some are actually from when I asked people this question last year in order to describe who I am as a part of my Innovation Diploma application. This comes from both students and teachers whom I consider to all be my friends. )

“A true friend who knows how to be serious and funny. Someone who puts it all on the line and give it their all 100% of the time.”

“Extremely intellectual and someone who always is wanting to learn more. Also a very hard worker and someone who is very reliable and just a good all around friend.”

“you are the dig deeper girl – analytical – creative – openminded. You are indescribable”

“I would describe you as witty, humorous, and smart.”

“Genius, nerd (in a good way, everyone is a nerd at something), cooperative, respectful, helpful, considerate, teacher, successful, determined, and creative. ”

“πnya is a very energetic, creative peer who is constantly curious about the world around her. She makes connections which she keeps, and continues to show her ability to network and empathize with others. As a friend, she is always encouraging those around her and building off of others ideas. She is always willing to take on new challenges with great enthusiasm. πnya is an awesome person and an amazing friend!”

“I would say you’re helpful, always up for a challenge, want to see others succeed, and are responsible. ”

Why do you seek membership into the National Honors Society at Mount Vernon?

I want to be a member of the National Honors Society so that I can be a part of a community that honors service and leadership. I am constantly looking for ways to surround myself with people that share common values of mine, and I hope that membership in the NHS at Mount Vernon will help me associate myself with the right people to help me move further on my path in this world.

What should we know about you that is not covered on this application?

Over the summer I have also been participating in the Duke TIP program for the past 3 summers, and will be attending this coming summer as well to further my leadership skills while working with students from across the nation on interesting topics that you would not typically learn about while at school.
I will also hopefully be attending the National Student Leadership Conference this summer as an engineering student at Yale University.


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