Station Management


(I regret now my procrastination with the snow day because I still have a decent amount of homework to be done, so I shall try and keep this brief as hard as that is for me.)

The whole idea of Welcome to Night Vale (our play that has officially been delayed 2 weeks which stinks, but at least it will happen) is that Cecil is a radio broadcaster that tells the weird stories of a town called Night Vale. One of the on going themes of the show is that no one has ever seen station management and the only form of communication is through envelopes occasionally thrown from under the door.

One of the lines in the script (I don’t have it with me, but I think this is close) is, “It is contract negotiation time here with station management, which is difficult when you can never actually talk to them.” (That’s really wrong but the idea is there.)

I find it quite fitting that the show was suppose to run this week, because at MVPS it is also contract negotiation time. Teachers have to renew their contracts this week (apparently, I learned this today), and also ID cohort members have to renew their contracts. We are not a class, we are a startup.

Therefore, like any other business we were given contracts to return to school for tomorrow stating that we would like to continue with ID next year.

For me personally it isn’t even a question if I want to continue; YES I DO!!!!!!! However, this decision isn’t so easy for others. For various reasons, not everyone will be continuing next year and it wasn’t until today that it really hit me how much that could effect the cohort. Even in this one year we have all spent a lot of time together and developed a good sense of a team in my opinion.

With a team comes roles. While we have never officially stated roles amongst the entire cohort because they can vary between venture team constructs, I feel like we all have developed a sense for what other members strengths are in a team and defining roles has become much easier over the corse of the year.

I wonder how the absence of current members will effect the cohort next year. I’m sad that people will be leaving at all, but that is the way of the real world. Sometimes people leave a business, but the business has to keep moving on, and new members will join in along the way.

ID is a business, but what will “moving on” look like?


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