Creative Activities


I’m so super excited right now because tomorrow I leave for San Francisco for our interim innovation tour!!!!!!!

With today being the last day of school before a 2 week break, and with a lot of people being gone on trips already, there wasn’t a ton of intense class work today which was nice.

However, in English class I had a really fun time with a creative writing activity we did. It isn’t very typical for us to take time to just do creative writing anymore, so this was an out of the ordinary activity for us, and students overall seemed to like it a lot.

First we read this author that writes fake yelp reviews of restaurants in the style of other authors.

I don’t actually remember the name of the author, or the one he was imitating, but the style of writing had lots of long flowy, non punctuated sentences, followed by a really short simple sentence. They were also fairly dark. The fist one for example was talking about Olive Garden’s endless pasta and breadsticks, but it told the story of a boy in jail that requested a bowl of pasta from Olive Garden as his last meal. This particular town had a law where a criminal could not be denied of their last meal, so the boy thought he was being cleaver by ordering a bowl of endless pasta, but in the end he died of eating too much.

The other two short reviews we read also told darkish stories of situations going on at these different restaurants. Then we got with a partner and made our own review of a restaurant in this style.

Here is mine and my partners’ imitation:

Chuck E. Cheese

Three stars.

An arm lurched out amidst the carnivorous ball pit the boy gasping for breath. Seeing the light of day for the first time in a fortnight. The aroma of greasy refined curds and whey wafting through the air permeating his nostrils. Uprooting himself the child began his dash to the kitchen to feast upon the crust anointed with the tomato sauce as red as blood. He halted. A movement behind the curtain. A blood curdling scream was heard throughout the establishment, but no one was there to hear it. Blood staining the grey fur. The child lay limp in two separate pieces.

This story was really fun to make, and it was really interesting to listen to the other groups reviews of different restaurants as well. One group even made a parody rap for their review which was pretty entertaining to listen to.

The rap in particular made me think about how giving creative assignments can often lead to more creative products that you never would have expected.


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