Where do Good Ideas Come From?

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.53.17 PM B_IOYGDU8AAqn4xB_HYXGtU4AA6Gln

(The first picture is us with a friend of Ms. Cantwell who saw that we were at LAUNCH and got in contact with us through Ms. Cantwell because his office was so close that he wanted to meet up. The second picture is us with last years’ LAUNCH hackathon winner who started his first business at age 15 creating websites for his parents’ friends, and he has been coding since 12. The Third picture is us at the Institute for the Future after an amazing presentation about the possibilities both good and bad for our future generations. )

Today was awesome!!!!!!!!! Today was really the first big day when we jumped out of just “touristy mode” and into “business mode”, and it sparked some fantastic conversations both within the MVPS group, and with other designers out there in the “real world”.

We went to The Institute for the Future, LAUNCH (a conference where a bunch of startups get funded), and had an impromptu meeting with a friend of a fellow MVPS teacher due to the power of social media.

Our essential question for the day was “where do good ideas come from?” It was interesting because everyone gave fairly similar answers, and they all really represented the MVPS mindsets.

People said that it comes from identifying a “pain”, as last years’ LAUNCH hackathon winner said, and then collaborating with others to really come up with good ideas that will go somewhere.

Everyone also stressed the importance of really following your passions in life so that you are happy, and not just making money; which was a really good conversation to have with these people.

I was amazed with how willing people were to talk to a bunch of high schoolers, and when asked, everyone agreed to be recorded in short interviews that we will add to our documentary video of the trip!

We even asked some of our presenters to pick which MVPS mindset (communicator, collaborator, ethical decision maker, solution seeker, creative thinker, and innovator) spoke to them the most. The two picked today were collaborator and creative thinker which I thought accurately described the qualities people talked about that are needed to have good ideas.


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