Innovative Business Culture


MVPS has such great connections. One of the students on the Innovation Tour has a dad that works with Facebook, so today we got to tour their headquarters!!

I never realized how large their campus was. I had imagined a single building with lots of natural lighting and various blues and weird furniture; like other innovative companies. I was not expecting a small city within a city.

The campus was huge! There were 9 main buildings with a giant road down the middle and a center quad connecting everything together. There were lots of restaurants (which were almost all free), plus a dentist, a simple doctors office (like at a school), a music room, an arcade, a barbers shop, a wood shop, plus what they call “war rooms” which are small rooms for teams that have a garage door so they can open it up on the street. I was just mind blown with the size. The campus had a bunch of stuff other than work spaces which was meant to decrease the amount of things that employees have to do after work.

Our essential question for today was, “What makes innovative business culture different?”

From what I observed, innovative business culture is really a community. Everyone trust each other to get work done which means they can really enjoy their time together. The people were very open and just happy overall. I didn’t see anyone that looked like they were not enjoying their job.

The overall culture was productive, fun, and inspiring.


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