Changing Patterns


I GOT TO SEE WICKED TONIGHT AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thus I’m a little late on posting for today…)

I  don’t know if this is true for everyone, but I feel like humans tend to like patterns. During the week days there is the school pattern: wake up at 6:30am, eat, classes, eat, classes, drama, gym, home, eat, homework, blog, bed.   Then during the weekend there is some sort of undefined pattern: sleep in a little, gym, soccer game/ gymnastics meet, homework, stay up later, bed.

I find myself getting into this constant routine (that is way more detailed then that, my entire morning is almost timed exactly everyday). Then every now and then something crazy happens and the pattern changes. Like going to San Francisco. It always takes a little time to get into a new pattern, especially with a time difference, then when you get back, it is hard to adjust again.

Today was really that buffer, get back into it day for me. I got to sleep in, and then actually had a surprisingly productive day.

I finished Things Fall Apart for school homework (my only official homework is now done!) , I unpacked everything, I sent emails I have been meaning to send, I’ve been working out the Pi-A-Palooza guest list and party plans, I figured out and scheduled everything I need to do this week, I wrote a recommendation letter for an ID applicant, and I got in contact with a ton of people I hardly talk to anymore. YAY productivity! Then I topped it off by seeing a great performance at the Fox.

Tomorrow I will be working Spring Break camp at Jump Start Gym so it’s back to waking up a little earlier and trying to adjust to this time zone again. (It may just be a few hours different, but eating time patterns have been hard to change both ways.)

It’s funny how we kind ourselves getting into these groves and patterns, but often times the best and most memorable experiences come when we change up the patterns. What if changing patterns was the pattern? Seems like that would be a pretty exciting life; always changing when necessary to keep things new, improved, and interesting.

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