When You Give a Kid a Box

IMG_3792-1 IMG_3791-1

I was surprisingly happy that I worked the spring break camp at the gym today. We added an extended care for after the movie that goes until 5:30, but only one girl was staying for it. Today was the start of this extended care, and I didn’t know it before hand, but I ended up being the coach for that.

The nice thing was that the one girl was 12, and she liked my idea of working on creating a pi-ñata (a piñata in the shape of a pi symbol) for Pi-A-Palooza, so that’s what we did! I’ve never made a piñata before, but I knew the basics, and we just happened to have everything we needed to make one at the gym already. We even had flour, but no one knows why.

I was actually shocked that it ended up turning out as well as it did. I mean we haven’t come close to finishing but a good chunk of the base is done and I was impressed that the curved lines were working out decently.

It’s amazing what you can do with cardboard, duck tape, a box cutter, a tissue box (that was our unit of measurement since we didn’t have a ruler), flour, water, tissue paper, and newspaper.

Today was like taking arts and crafts to the next level; we were making something out of “junk” that is going to actually be used (just like our cardboard scale models of the iStudio)! Yet in school we stop doing arts and crafts in life first, maybe second, grade. Why is that? What if we did more “real world arts and crafts” at school? Crafting with a purpose.


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