The Future of Celebrating Math


(What were you doing at 3-14-15 9:26:53.5 ???? I was having a partay with some wonderfully nerdy friends and took this awesome photo!!)

I feel awful that I haven’t blogged all week. It has been really weird not writing each night and I’m happy to say I’m back now again. I haven’t been blogging because I had been sick most of the week, which stinks while on Spring Break, and then the last few nights I was with other people and up really late.

Last night was possibly the best night of the year and I don’t know if anything will top it. IT WAS PI-A-PALOOZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a big party with a bunch of my close nerdy friends to celebrate the Ultimate Pi Day: 3-14-15 at 9:26 and 53.5 seconds!!!!!! It is the closest to pi we will get for another 100 years, so count yourself lucky to have been alive for this memorable occasion.

I have been planning this party for over 3 years and I was so happy all day that it was finally here. I had friends there that I’ve known since before my first pi day and they all agreed that I had been planning it for a really long time and everyone, even those that don’t particularly like math, were excited for this celebration!

No matter how hard you try to plan things, the plans will always change. I knew this, but I was still a little upset that we never were able to do trivia, watch Pi Day the Musical (this was a video I made in 5th grade when I first celebrated it), play any of the cheesy pi songs, or watch the Psych episode with pi in it. However, last night was still tons of fun!!!

We made pi shirts, broke open the pi-ñata I made, danced, played octo-pi and plata-pi (sharks and minos), played some dodgeball (pi ball as we called it), ate pi-zza, pi-ña coladas, and pie with ice cream, and reconnected with some old friends. I was quite happy. 🙂

Math is such a beautiful thing.

I got hooked on pi back in 5th grade when my math teacher introduced us to Pi Day and we had a memorizing competition. After coming in 2nd that year with 173 digits, I have always loved and celebrated it.

Pi is such an interesting number because it is used everywhere that there are circles involved. Plus it goes on forever and has been mystifying mathematicians for centuries because of its irrationality.

Whether you like math or not, math is all around us. Math is the language by which the natural world can be described so it is important that we know and recognize it.

I love that Pi Day gets celebrated because it is a chance for us to show appreciation to the beauty of math.

I can’t stop wondering, “what will next year’s pi day be like?” I mean I’ve been planning this event for 3 years and now that it has happened, what next? What is the next big event to wait for? What is the next challenge?

Speaking of the “new”, today was also a mini big day for me because I did locks for love finally. My hair was about down to my butt before and now it is barley below my shoulders which is just weird at this point still. It seems like since Pi-A-Palooza has happened, there are so many unanswered questions about the future. It’s an interesting time in the life of Pinya.


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