Imagining Future Success


Today was the my first day back in a traditional school environment. I’d say today was pretty laid back considering I ate ice cream in Chemistry, pie in Math, and talked about interim and spring break in 3 classes.

I’m excited to say that our iStudio pitch has officially been rescheduled to this Friday!! And with news about ID, today we took time to reflect on where we were in the past, where we are in the present, and where we hope to be in the future by using verbs to describe these times. After spending two minutes per time period to brainstorm words, we went back and picked 3 words for each section. Then we took our future words and wrote a little story about what we would say in the future if someone asked us what our biggest success was from year one.

This was my story about what I would consider to be success:

Well the bulk of my year I spent working on our coVenture to design a space that is flexible and reflects who we are in ID. We call this space the iStudio and we finally had the grand opening of it which was a huge success. We spent months trying to research, prototype, and organize how to make this hypothetical space a reality and then we actually pitched to Dr. Jacobson. He understood clearly where we were coming from after hearing our pitch but had some feedback as far as the work we needed to do to insure the best out come. We happily took this feedback and got to work with all of those last details and were able to move ahead with purchasing and painting.

It was so awesome to be able to have the grand opening during iFest because then all of the other students saw the finished product. We had been trying all year to get better at sharing our story, and with this grand opening we showed a picture video of our progress to the entire upper school, and Dr. Jacobson had even come to see what our final product looked like. After the video presentation I got to be one of the people to cut the ribbon (that’s right, we got really fancy and even had a red ceremonial ribbon) signifying that the iStudio was complete to the level we had planned and our first coVenture had finally come full circle.

To further celebrate for iFest, we got to wear out of uniform clothes as long as we looked professional which was neat because it was signifying once again that we are not a class, we are a startup; we were in our business clothes. The coVenture was not the only venture being worked on though, and we also gathered a bunch of pictures of ID to line up around the wall leading into the iStudio so people could look at the pictures like a time line as they walked closer to our new workplace. The other cool thing was that we weren’t just displaying a room by saying, “come check it out this area looks different!” We instead actually had a team working in the space on a mini challenge that we allowed other students to participate in to show how helpful the new space was for the type of collaborative, productive, creative environment we want to create in ID and eventually for the MVPS community.

We learned a lot year one of ID and it was really nice to see our first coVenture get pushed through the entire design thinking process to where it was actually produced. That to me was a success.


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