Sense of Closure


Welcome to Nightvale finally got to have its opening night that we have been waiting so long for!!!! It even went surprisingly well which was nice. Everyone that came said it was cool and different and they really enjoyed it which is always great to hear, but we still have one more show and tonight was definitely not flawless so we need to keep focused.

It is amazing how great it feels when you “finish” something. I say finish in quotations because we know there is another show, and like most things, even after it is “done” conversations about it continue so it really lives on. The difference is that if our show were to be canceled tomorrow for some unknown reason, while we would be upset, I would still have felt the sense of closure to the show since we actually preformed it in front of an audience.

This sense of closure reinsures me of how badly I want to see the iStudio coVenture follow through. I’m not the best at following through on ideas which is why I really think that success will be seeing an idea in a more completed stage before getting involved in something new.

Today we story boarded one sentence from our reflections yesterday, and I decided to storyboard the “grand opening”. I had kind of figured this out yesterday, so my story board matched the rest of my blog from yesterday pretty well I would say.

I also want to clarify that it isn’t that I want to just get something done for the sake of getting something done, but I care about trying to create an innovative culture at MVPS and I believe that finishing the iStudio is really an actionable goal that can be achieved in the limited time we have left together this year. Next year the journey to creating this innovative culture will continue, but in a new way; the iStudio will be done and I envision the cafe/coffee house being a venture of the near but distant future.

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