Pushing Through


Today was a pretty fun day. I got inducted into the National Honor Society this morning which was exciting. I also presented my current event today entirely about Pi Day and I tied in math, art, and history all together for one awesome and fun presentation!!! Then I helped Mr. Boden out with his podcast by reflecting back on my post “What to do” which caused a bunch of buzz between people at my school about the stress students go through. Cotton Patch (our spring musical) finally got back to having rehearsals now that Nightvale is officially over. I had a great acro practice too.

Then I got home and all things that could possibly cause me any stress at this point happened and everything was flipped upside down. We our having some last minute fixes with the pitch tomorrow which is making me nervous. History homework is not really being processed as much as I would like it to be. I feel unprepared for coaching at our flight school event for FUSE15 tomorrow. I am not understanding the Latin homework, nor our my peers so we are all in a ball of confusion there. And then there was another slight disturbance amongst my friends in another late night group text where things just go spiraling. Plus my grandma comes into town tonight so family stuff has been getting planned and everyones trying to make the house look a little nicer and stuff like that.

I think that hits on everything, so now I shall go back to dealing with that, but I had to blog first.

Time to put on a smile and push through it, or at least fake it until you make it. 🙂


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