Past and Present


So as far as yesterday goes, THE PITCH FINALLY HAPPENED!!!! I have a big post about it, but I’m just not ready to quite post it yet because I want to make sure everything is worded correctly before posting it.

Today though, I got the chance to finally listen to the podcast I was in. Mr. Boden, a teacher at MVPS, and a friend of his run a podcast called This is Iterative¬†that to my understanding is all about design thinking in schools. They are currently talking about empathy on the show, so they wanted to actually go through the design thinking process and do some empathy work. Mr. Boden had asked me if I would be willing to come on the show as a guest to talk about my blog post “What to Do?” which was the post I wrote about my struggle with course selections for next year that generated a lot of buzz amongst the faculty at MVPS. I gladly accepted and it was pretty cool.

It’s so weird to go back and listen to yourself talk. To quote Welcome to Nightvale, “This is a story of you. And you were happy because you always wanted to hear yourself on the radio.”

While I haven’t been formally saying “I’m working on student voice now”, the concept of student voice being involved in schools has still been in my heart. This opportunity was a nice chance to not only share my thoughts on student voice, but it was also really uplifting to also see teachers taking the time to try and learn about student thoughts.

I heard myself from the past another time today as well because I finally got to watch the video of the MVAllstars preforming Little Shop of Horrors which was our musical last year.

The musical happened almost a full year ago and at the time my hair was longer and in pig tails for the show. I found this ironic because it kind of made me think “wow I was young back then”. It was only a year ago, but I feel like so much has happened in that year that I have really grown up quite a bit since then and it was nice to look at the video of a year ago and then the podcast from a few days ago. I’m still the same me, but I feel like I’m somehow more me now.


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