An Eventful Day

2015-03-26 2015-03-26-1

It’s been a long day, but it felt so productive and awesome!!!

This morning we had another Consultivation where we go through an adVenture by bringing in someone from the community that has a problem, then we go through a rapid prototyping flashlab to ideate solutions for these real problems. Today had Mr. Lovejoy come in with a problem and question around how to better communicate with his team that currently only really uses texting and emailing, but since they are power plant engineers, they really need productive ways to organize and share files and videos.

My team came up with a solution that really combines a bunch of other tools already out there like Basecamp, Slack, Google Calendars, and youtube, with the added panic button to show when something really important happens and you really need an immediate response from someone. Prioritizing is really key when communicating constantly with others because you don’t always need to know everything that people share.

It is always great to have a person leave a Consultivation feeling excited to go test out ideas and also amazed with the work we are doing in ID.

Then moving into coVenture mode, we got our room entirely cleared out of stuff almost and the paint is in the room. Now we just have to start actually painting which is so exciting!!! We plan on coming into school over the weekend to get it done and it makes me really happy to see those people rising up to the occasion to go all in on getting this venture into the produce mode.

We even got the confirmation that our whiteboard paint has come it!

We also got a chance to look at the middle school building which is currently being renovated and it is looking really cool with its new furniture and I foresee some further communication with us and the teacher leading that process.

Then I still had drama and acro after all of my core classes and over all it was just a good day. Now I’m really tired and should get some rest to be ready for tomorrow!


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