Desire to Move Forward


It’s really hard to Pivot and make decisions sometimes. In ID we are trying to figure out exactly what we want to do for the iFest on Thursday and it has been hard to pick one of the many different visions everyone has as to how this looks. We have probably gone through at least 5 different specific game plans in this week alone (and ya, it’s only Tuesday).

Tomorrow is our last day before hand though, so we need to make things happen. The picture story wall needs to be done by tomorrow, the room needs to be cleaned, people need to know their roles for the day, we need to have a clear list of who is getting what materials that our needed the day of, and we need to consider also how we are moving forward. It’s a lot of work, but I think we are all ready for it to come to life, and I think that desire will help move us along.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a fun day because there isn’t really much anyone is doing in classes since it is the last day before a long break, then I’ll get to go to band, celebrate and be sad about Ms. Tumbleson’s last day in class (our AP World History teacher who is taking a job as the head of education for the Georgia Aquarium and leaves Thursday), and our work in ID will be exciting too!

Big stuff is coming, now it’s time to keep pushing through.


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