Improv Reminder


My sister is in the middle school drama class as her elective this year and tonight they had an improv performance. The beauty of improv is that you never know what to expect, but it ended up being really funny! i give around of applause to all of the performers because I thought they did a great job tonight.

My favorite part of the night was definitely the improved musical inspired by a group called Baby Wants Candy that does entire musical shows entirely improved. It is so cool! Two of the students tonight did a duet about being a janitor and an electric man at a school called, “Why me?” It was pretty catchy if I do say so myself.

With iFest coming up tomorrow, this improv performance reminded me of something important: As much as you may plan, sometimes the unexpected happens and you have to just say “yes and” and role with it to make the best of it and hopefully laugh and enjoy yourself still.


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