It’s funny how a break can throw you off just a little. Today was one of those days where you feel like you have a bunch to do, but you can’t recall exactly what those things are. Last night while I was attempting to do homework, there were all sorts of things I came up with to do, but then today I actually had a little free time and couldn’t think of those things.

We were also missing Ms. Cureton and Mr. Adams today from ID which is always interesting because then we have to attempt to quickly explain to a sub who we are and what we do which is nice practice at sharing our story.

It’s amazing how far the cohort has come since day one with ID because now I really feel like we are at the point where when a sub comes we don’t really need them. They serve more as just an adult in the room because we need one there legal wise, but we can really lead ourselves through what we know needs to be done.

First we had a survey we had to take for advisory like everyone in the school. Then we took a quick check-in survey for ID about where you think you are right now and what your next steps are personally. After today though, I’m thinking we should have shared out more about where we think we are and what are next steps are, so I’m going to call together a stand up meeting tomorrow so we can all hear where people are at. (I think this was also the idea intended from the playlist Mr. Adams and Ms. Cureton emailed us, but that didn’t quite click until just now.)

Then after all of the surveys were done, we were able to get right into work we knew needed to be done. The coVenture team met up and organized who was picking stuff up from the container store, started prototyping with our chalkboards how we want our calendar wall to look, and made a know/need to know list for the mural and what we want  to talk to our MVPS Creative Director, Mr. Boden, about tomorrow (this meeting also should have been officially scheduled by know hopefully).

I’m not entirely sure what the people not coVenturing (the other 7 people) worked on exactly, but hopefully they too were productive and will share with us all more tomorrow.

While I love our mentors and the advice and conversations they bring us daily, I love how we are able to make things more student lead throughout this year and having a sub really helps show us just how proactive we have become!


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