Opportunities from Story Sharing


Yesterday was fun because I got to see one of my best friends who is in college currently and I spent the night at her house!

It was also cool  getting to talk about stuff I’ve been up to at school lately with her and her step mom because a lot of my friends are either involved themselves or don’t really like hearing about it always.  Her step mom was really intrigued with the work we do and when I told her about the MVPS DEEP Playbook (our design thinking book of tools) she was really enthusiastic and said she wanted one! I happened to have our quick sheets in my pocket which is a prototype some people are working on to help with the facilitation of FUSE15 which is a design thinking conference Mount Vernon host over the summer which I’m going to be a coach at so I helped test the prototype.

She works in marketing apparently and her company has recently been trying to involve design thinking and innovation stuff into their work and from what she told me it sounded really neat. We were able to connect a bunch because of the work she is doing and learning stuff like how “hack” is being redefined as a good term across the world more and more these days. She even said she would like to connect me with their head of innovation who just got accepted into some program at Stanford which sounds awesome!! I hope that really can happen because it would be so cool!!!

It’s amazing how just by talking about ideas with people can lead to connections and great opportunities.


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